This recipe is my go-to when I feel creative and want a departure from the ordinary Burger. These ½ lbs. patties are like a meatloaf on a bun and can be cooked on the grill, air fryer, pan fried or broiled in the oven. The unlimited garnish options allow you to create just as many versions of this recipe. Feel free to experiment and let the ground beef be your canvas.

Prep Time:    15 min.

Cook Time:   20 min.

Servings:       4


  • 2 lbs. of 90% lean ground beef.
  • 3 oz. green peppers finely chopped.
  • 3 oz. of sweet onions finely chopped.
  • 1 oz. of Caribbean Rub.
  • 2 tbs. olive oil.
  • Garnishes to taste.


  1. Mix the Caribbean Rub with the peppers, onions and olive oil.
  2. Spread the ground beef and add the mixture distributing evenly.
  3. Mix all ingredients well until all ingredients are meatloaf consistency.
  4. Form ½ lbs. patties and let them rest for 10 min.
  5. Cook on medium heat until desired doneness temperature.
  6. Garnish to taste.